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A beautiful property.

Many dream of living on an estate or in a beautiful castle, surrounded by water and forests for miles around. It is therefore not surprising that more and more private individuals, organisations and institutions are deliberately looking for a newly built or existing country estate where they can live and/or work in a special location in the countryside. 

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Makelaardij Aerdenhout & Omstreken specialises in the purchase and sale of special property, including NSW-1928 estates and country houses. Are you interested in purchasing, selling or renting (out) an estate or country house in Kennemerland, Waterland or West Friesland? Our specialists can provide you with excellent advice and guidance in these processes. 

The Nature Conservation Act

In the Netherlands there are many estates with an original and historical character. They are an important part of the natural beauty. An estate can take on a wide variety of forms that are not easily thought of. From farmhouse to apartment and from terraced house to castle. The Nature Conservation Act (NSW) is a law from 1928 and was established by the government to promote the preservation of country estates in their existing condition. The NSW is a tax law and offers owners, usufructuaries and leaseholders of an estate tax benefits under certain conditions. When a site is classified under the NSW, it is an official estate.

NSW Estate criteria

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