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Would you like to have your house appraised in Zandvoort?

Real estate agency Aerdenhout & Omstreken values ​​in Zandvoort according to the NWWI quality requirements and according to the guidelines of all recognized financial institutions. Our NVM-approved appraisers provide you with an expert and objective valuation report in Zandvoort.

How does a taxation work in Zandvoort?

How does a appraisal work in zandvoort?

You have bought a house in the most famous seaside resort of Zandvoort and you need a valuation report for your mortgage. Or you are going to sell your house and want to calculate the selling price based on an appraiser. In a valuation, various factors are looked at in order to be able to give you such a realistic value judgment. We look at the location and surroundings of your home, and the current condition of your home. The layout, surface area and rights and obligations are also important. The current housing market in Zandvoort plays a role in the valuation. These and other factors are considered together and on the basis of this a valuation report is drawn up that meets the NWWI quality requirements.

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Real estate agency Aerdenhout & Omstreken has been providing valuation reports for real estate valuations for more than 50 years. Our brokers are at home in valuations for exclusive real estate and know the area like no other. In addition to having your own home or new home appraised for financing, you can also contact us for a valuation report that is necessary for, for example, an estate, inheritance, succession, divorce or division of property. You have also come to the right place for appraisals of commercial real estate.

We are happy to help you with an appraisal in Zandvoort. Feel free to contact us.

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